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11 Reasons To Put Argan Oil On Your Face

Argan is a golden, smooth oil traditionally used in Morocco for both culinary and beauty purposes. With a rich blend of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and the all-important skin nutrient vitamin E, word of argan oil’s skincare benefits have recently spread!What’s more, research now provides a scientific basis for the centuries-long knowledge of argan oil’s beneficial effect on the skin.In 2007, a mere two beauty products on US shelves contained this middle-eastern emollient. In 2011, that number shot to 111 – a figure that has rapidly risen as our appreciation of all things argan continues to intensify.So what makes argan oil so special?  Why is it so effective in everything from lipsticks and eye creams to facial wipes and washes?

Keep reading to find out:

1. Naturally Moisturizing
One of the most common uses of argan oil is as a moisturizing lotion. Being a natural oil, it hydrates, softens and protects the skin.

If you’re worried about your skin feeling greasy, give it a go – you’ll be amazed. It’s absorbs quickly and is light enough to use as a daytime facial cream yet so hydrating that it can be used as an overnight treatment too.

Remember, this is a high quality product so a little goes a long way. After cleansing your skin, warm a single drop of the oil in the palms of your hands. Using circular motions, apply it to the face and neck.

At night time, in the winter months or in dryer climates, you may need to apply a second drop for added hydration and protection.

2. Good for All Skin Types
No matter what your skin type, argan oil can work for you.

Like we’ve seen, those with dry skin can benefit from the fantastic hydrating effects of this oil, which can also reduce itching and flakiness.

Even those with oily skin will find argan oil a safe product to use. This light balm is non-greasy and won’t clog your pores – meaning it shouldn’t be a cause for concern among those who suffer from blackheads. If you deprive your skin of oil, it can start to overproduce sebum, its own natural oil. By applying argan oil to the skin, you are balancing and neutralizing your innate oil production levels.

Those with sensitive skin can rest safe in the knowledge that using 100% natural argan oil shouldn’t irritate their delicate epidermis (although always conduct a patch test on any new products first).

Finally, argan oil benefits combination skin by hydrating and balancing the oil production – thus reducing the differences between the dry and oily areas of face.

3. Gently Tones The Skin
If your toner is drying out your skin, or causing a little irritation – as most toners can – then argan oil may be just the solution you are looking for.

You can add a few drops of argan oil to your regular toner, shaking well before use, to offset its harsh effects.

Or, if you prefer a more natural approach, make your own toner minus the astringent ingredients of alcohol and parabens found in conventional beauty products.

Leave a green tea bag to steep for 10 minutes in a cup of boiling water. Remove the tea bag and allow to cool before adding two drops of tea tree oil and two drops of argan oil. Seal in a clean glass jar and use morning and night after cleansing (shaking before each use).

4. A Natural Eye Serum
Because it’s an all-natural product, argan oil is perfectly safe to use around your eyes – the most delicate part of your face. Its vitamin E content can even help to reduce fine lines in this area.

While one drop of argan oil gently massaged into the skin will cover both eyes, you can also combine it with other natural ingredients to make an even more effective morning eye serum.

This blend of oils will pep up tired eyes, address early signs of aging and eliminate dullness. Fill a small container (0.5 oz) to the halfway point with jojoba oil. Then add in equal parts of argan oil and evening primrose oil to fill the bottle just over three quarters of the way. Finally, add in 10 drops of carrot seed oil (a natural UV protector) and 10 drops of vitamin E oil.

Store in a cool, dark place and use daily for rejuvenated eyes.


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